FOKKER FP-1050 Chromic Acid Anodizing
FOKKER FP-1074 Cleaning of Titanium and Titanium Alloys
FOKKER FP-1082 Alkaline Cleaning
FOKKER FP-1090 Cleaning and Passivation of Corrosion-Resistant Steel
FOKKER FP-1092 Pickling of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys
FOKKER FP-1094 Stripping of Inorganic Coatings
FOKKER FP-1095 Application of Colored Chromate Coatings on Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys
FOKKER FP-1097 Nondestructive Inspection of Metals (Except Bonded Constructions)
FOKKER FP-1099 Dry Abrasive Blasting
FOKKER FP-1110 Marking and Coding of Parts and Assemblies
FOKKER FP-1112 Application of Skydrol-Resistant Primer to Metallic Surfaces
FOKKER FP-1116 Solvent Cleaning
FOKKER FP-1118 Plastic Media Blasting
FOKKER FP-1123 Coatings for Temporary Protection
FOKKER FP-1151 Repair of Damaged Protective Coatings
FOKKER FP-1157 Application of Epoxy Primer 44-GN-011
FOKKER FP-1177 Application of GMS-5006 Type I Epoxy Topcoat
FOKKER FP-4233 Vapor Degreasing
FOKKER TH 14.5310 Hardness Inspection of Metallic Alloys
FOKKER TH 14.5330 Inspection of Non-Magnetizable Alloys by Means of Electrical Conductivity Measurements
FOKKER TH 14.5340 Magnetic Particle Inspection
FOKKER TH 14.5350 Penetrant Inspection