NORTHROP GRUMMAN 2ZZP00001 Finish Specification for F-35 Weapon System
NORTHROP GRUMMAN ACS-PRS-1053 Process Specification for Etching Prior to Penetrant Inspection
NORTHROP GRUMMAN ACS-PRS-2203 Cleaning, Surface Treatments and Inorganic Coatings for Metallic Surfaces
NORTHROP GRUMMAN ACS-PRS-2204 Cleaning and Surface Preparation of Titanium and Titanium Alloys.   Limits: Type I only. Excludes Fluoride-Phosphate chemical conversion coatings and Appendix “A”
NORTHROP GRUMMAN ACS-PRS-3251 Application and Control of Finishes, Organic
NORTHROP GRUMMAN ACS-PRS-7005 Penetrant Inspection
NORTHROP GRUMMAN AMS 2430 Shot Peening, Auomatic
NORTHROP GRUMMAN AMS 2700 Passivation of Corrosion Resistant Steels
NORTHROP GRUMMAN ASTM B117 Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus
NORTHROP GRUMMAN ASTM B600 Standard Guide for Descaling and Cleaning Titanium and Titanium Alloy Surfaces
NORTHROP GRUMMAN ASTM E1417 Standard Practice for Liquid Penetrant Examination
NORTHROP GRUMMAN ASTM E1444 Standard Practice for Magnetic Particle Testing
NORTHROP GRUMMAN FP-153 Primer MIL-P-85582, Epoxy, Voc Compliant, Application of
NORTHROP GRUMMAN FP-28 Chemical Conversion Coatings, Colored, for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys
NORTHROP GRUMMAN GP 17 G Cleaning & Etching of Aluminum
GSS 10200 Dry Film Lubricant-Resin Bonded Tetrafluoro-Etheylene-Emralon#310 Application
NORTHROP GRUMMAN GSS 4310 Application of Primer Coating, Epoxy Polyamide
NORTHROP GRUMMAN GSS 4510 Coating, Polyurethane, Application of
NORTHROP GRUMMAN GSS 5310 Peening of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloys
NORTHROP GRUMMAN GT 23 A Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
NORTHROP GRUMMAN LMA-PC201 Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection of Metallic Parts & Materials – F-35. Includes Fracture Critical Parts
NORTHROP GRUMMAN LMA-PJ264 Application and Control of Organic Finishes
NORTHROP GRUMMAN MIL-PRF-8625 Anodic Coatings for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys
NORTHROP GRUMMAN MIL-DTL-5541 Chemical Conversion Coatings for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy
NORTHROP GRUMMAN NGT23K  Test, Nondestructive, Magnetic Particle Method of Inspection


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