HONDA JET HJPS-6005 Passivating Corrosion-Resistant (Stainless) Steel
HONDA JET HJPS-6006 Integral Fuel Tank Coating Application
HONDA JET HJPS-6007 Epoxy Primer Application
HONDA JET HJPS-6011 Chemical Conversion Coating of Aluminum Alloys
HONDA JET HJPS-6012 Chromic Acid Anodize
HONDA JET HJPS-6019 Cleaning of Aluminum Alloys
HONDA JET HJPS-6020 Solvent Wipe
HONDA JET HJPS-6025 Applicaton of Polyurethane Topcoat
HONDA JET HJPS-6035 Boric Sulfuric Acid Anodizing of Aluminum Allows
HONDA JET HJPS-T005 Magnetic Particle Inspection
HONDA JET HJPS-T006 Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
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