LOCKHEED ASTM E18 Hardness Testing Rockwell Method 172
LOCKHEED ASTM-E-1417MIL-STD-6866 Penetrant Inspection 110A
LOCKHEED ASTM E1004 Conductivity of Aluminum 174
LOCKHEED LMA-PC201 Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection 113
LOCKHEED LMA-PC201 Penetrant Inspection Fracture Critical 113A
LOCKHEED LMA-PG001 Pre-Penetrant Etch 148
LOCKHEED LMA-PC009 Conductivity Testing 167
LOCKHEED LMA-PC009 Hardness Testing 168
LOCKHEED MIL-A-8625/MIL-PRF-8625 Type 1B Chromic Acid Anodize 200A
LOCKHEED MIL-A-8625/MIL-PRF8625 Type IIB Sulfuric Acid Anodize (for ADP Palmdale Program only) 200B1
LOCKHEED 2ZZP00001 Chromic Acid Anodize 200S
LOCKHEED MIL-DTL-5541 Chem Film 210
LOCKHEED LMA-PJ264 Application and Control of Organic Finishes 240C
LOCKHEED AMS-C-27725 Fuel Tank Coating 242A
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