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Shot Peening helps to relieve the tensile stress on a manufactured part that is built up during the grinding and machining processes. Cracks present easily in areas of high tensile stress because these stresses are already working to pull the atoms of the metal apart. By shot peening the material, a layer of compressive stress is introduced by compacting the material and re-equalizing the stresses working on the atoms in the material.

Close tolerance surfaces and surfaces that do not need to be shot peened are masked before the parts are loaded into the shot peen cabinets. 3P utilizes automated and manual shot peen techniques.

Once the part is loaded into the cabined, the surface of the part is impacted with a round steel shot with enough force to create non-reversible change.

Once processed through shot peen, the parts are decontaminated or moved on for further processing.

Abrasive Blasting is a metal-cleaning process during which abrasive media is blasted at high speed onto a metal part. The abrasive media scrapes corrosion, burrs, scale, rust, or paint from the metal, leaving it ready for further protective coatings or finishes. The type of abrasive media and velocity used are determined by the material and the specification.

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