Part Marking

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After processing and painting, many customers require parts marking by way of processing stamps, video jet, or rubber stamp marking.

Parts are identified per customer purchase order requirements.

Processing stamps are applied to every order that is processed at 3P, unless otherwise specified by the customer. Processing stamps include 3P's mark, as well as specific marks for processes completed.

After parts are marked, the parts are verified by inspection, certified and packaged for shipment to the customer.



3P also has the capability to perform dot peen marking on parts.

Dot Peening is a part marking method utilized after penetrant inspection that embeds the part mark into the material.

Dot Peen mark is formatted per customer purchase order requirements.



3P also strives to maintain traceability of orders by creating tags for parts at the beginnnig of processing. 3P's shop routers contain strict instructions to maintain traceability and to not remove tags from parts.

tagged aluminum parts

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